Escapada a la Isla: Cómo la casa del artista Manel Anoro a Menorca inspira su trabajo

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manel anoro atelier

Anna Huix


The Spanish artist Manel Anoro lives a divided life: half in Girona, Catalonia, and half in Biniarroi, on the island of Menorca. He has a studio at both – and is equally passionate about both: “I have one foot in Menorca and one in Girona and I do not like losing any of the feet and [going] lame. I deeply love Menorca. I deeply love Catalonia.” But it is this studio, a low, simple but vivid space in Menorca, where he does most work.

The passion he feels for the landscapes in which he lives is apparent in his work – Anoro has had more than 70 solo exhibitions of his eye-poppingly vibrant, parrot-colourful paintings around the world, and many are inspired by Menorca. “I am [one] of the few remaining artists who like to paint from life, so I know Menorca like the back of my hand,” the 67-year-old claims. “I paint a lot outdoors.”

And he has plenty of space in which to do so, with a large courtyard as well as a studio. “I sincerely believe that today the best form of wealth is space,” he begins, before adding that he doesn’t just mean property – he means your whole natural environment: “Just the sea, fresh air, the sky without airplanes… [just] me and the space. I cannot be in a small room.”

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